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We all have dreams of having an amazing partnership with our horses; going on adventurous rides with a willing partner or competing and winning on a horse that is having as much fun as you! Those dreams can all come crashing down, however, if your horses' hooves are not sound.

How My Interest in Barefoot Hoof Trimming Started

I was so excited when I bought my first horse at auction. He was amazing looking quarter horse with a big round butt, just the way I like em. He did not have barefoot hooves however. Soon after bringing him home he started head bobbing and limping all over the place.

Wanting the best for my horse I consulted everyone under the sun including farriers, vets, massage therapists, chiropractors, homeopaths and even an animal communicator! To my astonishment no one could tell me what was wrong with my horse. The animal communicator did tell me that he would prefer to be with a dark brown mare so at least that money was well spent.

None of these experts even mentioned barefoot hoof trimming or a wild hoof model.

I wondered if my horse's shoes could be causing the problem.

That led me down a path of enrolling in a program to become a professional barefoot hoof trimmer.

The Wild Hoof Model

Through my studies I learned that hoof trimming should be based on a wild hoof model since the wild hoof is the most efficient hoof on earth. I discovered that my horses' hoof problems are COMMON KNOWLEDGE to barefoot hoof trimmers. I'm a student at Equine Sciences Academy and hope to continue to learn long after I graduate.

I currently live in Kamloops BC and board my horse at a ranch near Pinanton BC where he has lots of room to move around.

Paul Wiedemann

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